Revolutionize your Research with AI-Powered Intelligent Research Agents (IRAs) customized and tailored to your needs.

Specialized for Your Research Tasks

Starting with your Research Question, the IRA is tailored for your use case. 

Ready with the analytical and AI research capabilities that you need. 

Connected to the knowledge bases you need to structure and analyze information. 

Automates the research tasks, not the research itself. 

Ethical Considerations

We are committed to research as an essential and truly human endeavor and are working  to mitigate any risks associated with the rapid advance of AI.

  • We provide access to xResearch on a case-by-case basis only.
  • We collaborate with our clients to ensure the highest standards for replicability and transparency.

Autonomous Agents

Autonomous Agents learn from their experiences and interact with their environment, adept at performing iterative and self-reflective research tasks.

  • Highly experimental and early stage in adoption.
  • Currently in early development. Reach out to us for a conversation at sales@xopol.is

Seeded by the National Science Foundation

Our entrepreneurial journey began with the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Innovation Corps Program and received continued seed funding from the Small Business Innovation Research Program.  




Small Business Innovation Research
(Phase I) Awardee


Contact us at sales@xopol.is