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Artificial Intelligence For the worLD OF WOrk

Build – Your – Own Bots!


Human Quality, AI Efficiency

Prototype and Automate your workflows with Intelligent Work Assistants (IWAs).


Create, Share, and Monetize Your Bots

A platform for building, collaborating, sharing, and monetizing your expertise with AI bots.


AI Research Assistants

Intelligent Research Assistants(IRAs) tailored with advanced analysis capabilities. 

Powered by X-AI Intelligent Systems

X-AI Intelligent Systems extend human abilities through AI. By augmenting human skills, we aim to create symbiotic relationships that enhance your efficiency and productivity. With our user-centered design and emphasis on AI collaboration, X-AI Intelligent Systems represent the future of AI technology.

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SBIR Funded!

The National Science Foundation has awarded Xopolis an innovation award to map the World of Work.

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Small Business Innovation Research
(Phase I) Awardee